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Knowledge base
Get familiar with our platform and learn how to use it.
Customizable quote parameters
Ensure that your quotes are accurate by modifying values on your form.
Form customizations
Depending on your tier, different aspects of the form your clients view could be modified.
We don't take a cut
When you subscribe with us, We integrate directly with Stripe so you only pay their fees. 10% fee otherwise.


Plans to accommodate all needs!

We offer 2 main tiers, Free and Pro. Here we list the limitations applied in each tier. If you need higher and/or custom limitations, feel free to contact us!


  • 1 Form limit

  • 2 Form submissions per form

  • 2 Configs limit

  • 2 Materials limit

  • 3DQuoter form branding included

  • 10mb quote upload limit

  • Basic form customization (Custom title & subtitle)

  • Random form url

  • 10% fee on payments on forms


  • 100 Form limit

  • 100 Form submissions per form

  • 100 Configs limit

  • 100 Materials limit

  • No 3DQuoter form branding

  • 100mb quote upload limit

  • Limited form customization (Custom title & subtitle & Intro Picture)

  • Ability to choose form slug url

  • No fee payment on submissions**


  • Custom Form limit

  • Custom Form submissions per form

  • Custom Configs limit

  • Custom Materials limit

  • Fully custom form available

  • Custom quote upload limit

  • Ability to use your own domain for your forms

  • No fee payment on submissions**

* No credit card required!

** Only Stripe fees apply


Currently we support

We are always adding new slicers!

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How it works

After you sign up and read our getting started guide, you can start recieving submissions from your clients.

You can see the process for ...

Step 1
Wait for submission
Step 2
Once you recieve a submission, wait at least 24 hours for a payment
Step 3
Upon receiving payment, you can either adjust the quote or make the item and ship it