Frequently Asked Questions

Created: 2024-05-20 | Last Modified: 2024-05-20

What happens when my subscription ends?

All your forms will be disabled! Regardless if it’s a Free or Pro tier form. You can enable forms that are within your current subscription.

How can I ensure that my quotes are as accurate as possible?

What is the recommended way of organizing forms?

You are free to organize them as you see fit. If you would like an example, a common one is:

How do we count submissions?

How do I edit the config/material for a form?

I can’t delete my config/material, what’s wrong?

In order for you to delete a config/material, it must not be associated with any forms! (Even if the form is disabled)

Why the limitation on editing and deleting?

We want to provide a smooth form experience to your clients. This ensures that forms are always operable and without extraneous errors.

How do I edit my form?

.3mf files support?

We don’t see supporting this in the future, .3mf files can contain various information that can mess up what is already inputted by you.

How do you calculate a quote?

Using the weight of the model and the cost of the selected material, we know much material it will cost. Using the time it takes to make the model and the hourly rate inputted, we know how much the time of the print will influence the cost. We add both together, add our Markup percentage first and then the flat rate. You end up with the final quote!

How can I turn a Free Form to a Pro form?

They're two type of form submissions Free and Paid. This is defined by your account subscription at the time of form creation!